KIRANA Home Of Malaysia's Finest

A flagship retail store, KIRANA features, promotes and sells carefully curated artisanal products and culturally inspired works, be it fashion, art, accessories, home-wares, games, food & beverage, local interest pieces and a variety of inspirationally Malaysian products.

The items featured at KIRANA are from local craftsmen, traders and artisans that represent the 13 states in Malaysia. Their work and products represent heritage, culture, local raw materials, and are inspirationally Malaysian.

The stories poured into the works can be felt, the beauty captured in the skilled creations can be seen, the creativity that is undoubtedly Malaysian in every single piece featured at KIRANA can most definitely be appreciated by all. It is this fact that underlies the selection of the pieces featured at the store. Giving visitors, locals and tourists alike, a chance to see the beauty of Malaysia under one roof.

The tourism-oriented specialty retail store promotes SMEs while highlighting Malaysia to the world. The goal behind the store is to empower local entrepreneurs and to provide an avenue in retail and industrial trade, as well as to nurture and display the people behind the work.

The name KIRANA itself can be loosely translated to mean good, pretty, and beauty. It represents all that is brought to the store, a point of fact in the selection of the items on display. KIRANA also reflects the diverse traditions and the abundance of resources in Malaysia, while representing the hard work, talent and passion of Malaysian individuals towards Malaysian heritage.


Help growing businesses

KIRANA is a special project by UDA HOLDINGS BERHAD, one that close to their hearts - to help the growth of SMEs and small business owners alike. Setting up KIRANA as a vessel to provide a boost to the many talented artisans and local businesses alike.

What's Happening

[KIRANA, MGB] Breakfast Networking Session

[KIRANA, MGB] Breakfast Networking Session

 [KIRANA, MGB] Fiesta Raya 2023

[KIRANA, MGB] Fiesta Raya 2023

Getting Here


Lot F1.01A, Malaysia Grand Bazaar,
Bukit Bintang City Centre,
Jalan Hang Tuah, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,


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